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"Quality Content for Serious Business"

List of offerings:

Blog Content (and referrals to blog experts for the nuts-and-bolts of blogging and social marketing)

Website Content (and referrals to expert, cost effective web hosting/building/SEO)

Strategic Plans

Business Plan Components

Business Network Support

A special note from Busy Writers staff: If you are noticing declining revenues in this economy or just starting a business,the Internet may be a good choice to increase sales. Busy Writers staff can present a clearer view of what you might expect from building a website, enhancing the one you already have, blogging and entering into the social marketing arena. If this sounds good to you, please Contact Us. Our goal is to help businesses do quality business, within your budget.

Blogging and social marketing have the potential to make a real difference in consumer awareness of your products and services.  The most recent cases illustrating the power of blogging and social marketing, with quality content*, are our current political campaigns. Once campaign staffers caught on to the potential power of using blogs and social marketing sites, and expanded into these forums (FaceBook, YouTube and others), more people became aware and excitement grew for the candidates. Blogging and social marketing information is streaming into the general knowledge faster than ever before, and this can work to your advantage, too.  

Content is King, as they say.  Busy Writers can write the quality content for you and direct you to those who can boost your Internet visibility and credibility as far as you want it to go. If you would like to know more, please Contact Us

Website Content is key to successful SEO campaigns.  Busy Writers clients look to us to help keep their rankings high with quality content. We also have other SEO supports to share with you.  Are you interested in a website where visitors interested in your products and services find you on the Internet, and are encouraged to contact you, converting visitor to customer? Contact Us

*Quality Content is content that is consistent with your products and services.  Quality content makes the search engines view your website as a quality website and that boosts your visibility and ranking. Quality Content should be added regularly to your website through your FAQ, news, basic content, gallery sections, or through a blog right on your website where visitors can easily connect with you and other consumers.

Business Plans have been the buzzword for anyone thinking of starting a business and anyone doing business.  Any place you go to learn how to start your business, whether the Service Corpse of Retired Executives (S.C.O.R E.), workshops through local Chambers of Commerce, colleges and universities, and other support businesses, they all say the same thing “Business Plan”.  A business plan is a must if you are looking for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, or if you hope to attract investors.  Some landlords require a business plan as a part of the rental agreement.  So, having a business plan, other than the idea and details in your head, is a valuable tool not only to keep you on track, but to prove your passion, organization, credibility and validity of the project to the interested outside world. 

Do you have a business plan? There are some low cost templates for building your business plan, or you can shoot the moon and spend thousands of dollars with a company that specializes in writing business plans.  You need to decide which level of support you need.

Busy Writers can help you define your business and plan for your future in concise, readable language and with logical organization. If you can't read your plan, you won't use it.

More to the point, do you have a Strategic Plan?  Busy Writers believes the success and satisfaction of a successful business begins with a quality Strategic Plan, prior to writing a business plan.  A strategic plan helps you evaluate if your business is a good fit for you, how it will enhance or change your life, and for how long.  Your business must fit with, or enhance your personal, professional, financial, intellectual, and spiritual life if it is to be a success.  If just one of these elements is out of alignment, then your plans for a business have additional risk built in.  Interested in knowing more? Contact Us

"Having a strategic plan is like finding a flashlight and batteries.  Having a business plan is like having a working flashlight in the dark.” D. Hamel, CEO Busy Writers

“Quality Content for Serious Business”

Busy Writers works closely with SplitOne Technologies www.splitone.com for website building, database building and managing, website hosting, and much more.  If you believe the Internet is important to your business, then please contact us.

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